How to become a new Subspace ambassador?

Mark Zilla
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The Subspace Network is a scalable storage and computing platform designed to maximize vertical and horizontal scalability without sacrificing security or decentralization by combining the Proof-of-Archival-Storage (PoAS) consensus algorithm with the latest advances in the crypto industry.

The most recent news of the project includes the launch of the Gemini II testnet and the new recruitment of ambassadors. Last time, more than 1600 people sent their applications for the ambassador program and only 75 of them got excepted.

Types of Subspace Ambassadors

Subspace has three types of ambassadors.

Apprentice Ambassadors

Apprentice Ambassadors are newly accepted members that go through a period of training. At the end of the apprenticeship, they need to come up with an idea that will help improve one of the aspects of the Subspace network, complete this project and present it.

If you become an apprentice, remember that it is a trial period and there is no guarantee that you will be promoted.

Apprentices are expected to work for at least 4 hours a week.

General Ambassadors

General ambassadors need to constantly participate in the life of the project and community. Create content, talk with new community members, attend meetings, run a farm node, and much more.

General ambassadors need to spend more than 4 hours a week on a project and their main job will be to promote awareness and understanding of the project. In addition, they act as sort of a teachers for apprentices.

Lead Ambassadors

Lead ambassadors guide and manage the designated group of ambassadors, help in selecting new apprentices, and work with other leaders to form a distributed framework that will gradually move into the Subspace Community DAO.

These ambassadors are expected to spend at least 10 hours a week working on a project.


All ambassadors who have passed the initial stage of testing, including apprentices, will receive tokens, the amount of which varies depending on the level of their role. In case of promotion to a higher role during the program, the token amount will be adjusted accordingly for the remainder of the program.

Subspace already said that it will allocate 1% of the total supply of tokens to the ambassador program, which makes it one of the largest rewards among all major blockchain projects. It is known that 0.3% of the total supply of Subspace tokens will be allocated to Lead Ambassadors and 0.7% to General Ambassadors.

What else do ambassadors do?

One important job that all ambassadors do — content creation. You are expected to promote and raise awareness about the project. This can be done in whatever media you can. Create videos, write articles, film TikToks or Instagram stories, what you do is up to you. The main point is that content needs to be of high quality and, of course, creativeness is always welcome.


Ambassadors are an important part of every crypto project. Subspace takes a special care in picking only best of the best for this job, so if you want to become their ambassador, you better bring your A-game.


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