The blockchain industry has seen many changes over the years, some groundbreaking solutions have been implemented. The expert predicted that the progress speed will start to decrease, but we constantly see new and interesting projects that provide unexpected but effective solutions. Today, we talk about one such project.

KYVE Network

Ethereum. Cardano. Monero. And dozens of others.

Over the past few years, blockchain systems have proliferated, each offering unique advantages and development environments. Some feature robust smart contract integrations. Others prioritize efficiency and speed. Still others offer greater privacy capabilities.

When developers begin working on new blockchain-based applications, one of…

RMRK comes to Moonriver

Moonbeam announced the integration of Moonriver with RMRK, an extensible NFT system on Kusama. As part of this integration, the teams will collaborate to develop Solidity standards for Kusama assets based on RMRK. …

Previously we already talked about Moonbeam, but for those who do not remember, Moonbeam is the leading Ethereum-compatible smart contracts platform in the Polkadot ecosystem. The network will not only give protocols multi-chain access to the Polkadot ecosystem but will also provide the easiest development environment and the richest set…

Polkadot’s infrastructure now offers its customers an even more unique option. Leading DeFi Lido introduced the concept of liquidity betting to a pioneering cross-chain network.

Moonbeam platform and Lido agreement cooperate to promote mobile betting

According to the press release, the team at Moonbeam, a Polkadot smart contract platform compatible with Ethereum, has partnered with Lido, the pioneer of Polkadot…

Mark Zilla

Crypto-enthusiast, You-Nube blogger, social media commentator, node-runner, and crypto fan.

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